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It's me Raphael Khaleel!

Hey guys! This is R.K here, aka Raphael Khaleel (pen name).

Well for a start, this is not entirely a personal blog, even though there might be personal stuffs. But they are intentional.

Second of all, these are entirely my creativity, ideas and my own personal thoughts which are carefully selected and published here for your read. Now some of the written materials might seem to have some similarities to blogs, and articles written by others in the past that you might have come across, but for your better understanding that might be purely coincidental, only facts, statistics or any video links are researched and referred here. 

In short, 90% of it is mine and the rest 10% are external references after detailed study.


Now, talking about the ideas I write, they are mostly thoughts that I have of this world, it's people, it's nature, and then people's characters, beliefs and their nature etc.

The creativity on the other hand are mostly storylines, plots, character sketch, short stories, and a few poems.

Social contains all the latest internet sensations, social media trends and reviews on viral videos, lastly personal may have weekly or even monthly logs about the my life.(Just the usual dilemma).

Now, the reason for starting such a blog with this particular name is because, I used to write all these ideas down temporarily on pieces of paper, or as separate word documents, later on some of those materials got disarranged and got lost from my possession and I lost those specific ideas or stories. 

So I thought, why not write them down as blogs and publish them on the internet, so in this way it would be easier for me to keep all my writing safe and if I do want to, I can share it with other people. So voila, the reason.

Its's really impolite of me not introducing myself to you. Well as I said earlier I am Raphael Khaleel but there is a catch to it, my actual name is Asif Shereef and my pen name is Raphael Khaleel, I am 19 and pursuing engineering.

An aspiring writer with a dream of becoming an appreciated director one day, but that is way into the future so till then stay tuned for more.

Other than writing, I love to paint(mostly abstract), have an interest in electronic crafts, video games and love to watch movies.

So I feel this would be enough for a small introduction, and I assume you would get to know the better of me as time passes.

so with Godspeed.

Hope you all enjoy, and Thank you.

STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE for more.

Those thoughts inside my head


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