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A Modern Artefact!!

Updated: Aug 2

Well, time is a very small word with a lot of elaborate meanings. Time is something most people depend on, and also most people are afraid of.

There is a famous saying in a movie, “Time flies by so fast, that be careful not to get left behind”.

But surely one day we will all get left behind because that is what time does to us.

There is not a day in our life that we don’t talk about time or at least make a mention about it. Time consumes us so badly that all our decision are made because of this time.

My advice is just forget about time once, and live the life you always wanted to. Because when it leaves you behind you do need something to hold on to, right.

Well, Modern artefact is something based upon the time, but the difference is instead for us it is actually for those that come after us.

See our ancestors have left a lot of things in this world to remind us of who they were and what we are in this universe. And some of these are not actually positive. "But what is the use of a light if there was no darkness".

Now what they have left behind is what teaches us about their times. Some of the ancient ruins are really a stunning work of art. Their literature and science are still being followed today in ways.

The real thing is, what will we be leaving for those way into the so future? And If you ask me this, I will be confused, because there are lot to show them. Some asked me isn’t a time capsule and an artefact do the same thing.

To that I have to say, NO. A time capsule is something to show you about the time you spend on this earth, to show you what kind of a person you have turned into. Maybe a time capsule can be opened in the future but those items in that capsule have no sense to who so ever opening it because in it you keep those thing that will make you realize who you were and who you became.

On the other hand, an artefact for the future be it good or bad it shows them the world in which you existed.

And if you were a true hero back then you might even become a legend of tomorrow.

So my question to you is, what kind of an artefact you would be leaving for those in the future?

One more thing to keep in mind, don’t hold on to time for too long, you never know when that bitch is going to break your heart and leave.

So until we meet next time, Godspeed my friend.

By Raphael Khaleel



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