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A Poet and his Poems!!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

These are some poems I have written in the past, I f you ask me what they mean right now, I won't be able to give you the exact intentions and ideas of what I had written back then. But please do enjoy and feel free to comment.

1. Meta human

He came from deep beyond

To earth bound

His mastery unmatched

His mystery unsolved

Us standing beneath

And eyes above

For our needs and nature

Are our daily deeds

Our work is,

Money hungered

Power greed

Was all but dirt under his feet.


2. The Life

Born naked and,

Shall I die naked

My hours short in whole

Like play, I enact

All around me

Are of different direct

I see in others

Greater good,

Which they see

Is less understood.

My play sold out

Of lesser value.

Now my life is on a dime,

Everything on the line

Made from mud when I came,

Shall my body retrieve to mud,

When I leave.

And in midst of reality

Shall my soul live along

In those,

Who forever mourn.


3. Vision

I sowed a seed,

Deep inside my muddy brain.

Nourished it protected it,

Let it grow

I changed this seed into a dream,

And this mutated to an idea,

An idea that change into an ideal,

And an ideal makes a vision.

A vision becomes my ultimate mission

And that cleanses that muddy brain of mine.


4. Society

I see them through my eyes

How theirs cold as ice.

Time never makes it melt,

But it gets harder, every minute.

They draw lines within space,

As though a force unseen pulls apart,

They praise it intentionally

Unknowing they disgraced.

History was to be written

But theirs to be a mystery

For even the future loathe

Their abominable present.

Nothing can change these ancient ways

Only will this lay for greater damage.

I look upon them

As though

They are disgraced.


5. Child

The tenderness she held,

When her feet was still untouched

Fragility is like a flower

With her bright face

She smiled


6. Pollution

Time written in pamphlets

Rusty and old

But beautiful as gold

Green stretched

Like an outlaw


Now, yet no where

Blue sky and white transformed

Replaced by them

Black sky and grey clouds,

Not rain shall they say

But what is left of a day

Mountains flattened

And land heaped

With our waste

The water taste has turned

And yet they still burn

Of what remains,

Only for their greater gain.


7. Computers

Were we first, nor will we be last,

But surely we were built for the vast.

Limitless in our ways,

Relentless are we all day.

His worldly dreads,

Are our daily bread.

His instruction are

For his own constructions,

Hope not only for his destructions

For we will be at,

Revolution's peak.

Shall they through time will,

Evolution speak.


By Raphael Khaleel


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