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Color of Choices

We all have a life, whether it is amazing or not, and we have made many different choices depending upon the point of time in our life. Sometimes we hate the choices we make while quietly enjoying others, after all, we are just being humans right. No matter what, one cannot escape the consequences of their own choices. You got to face it like a real fighter.

Choices always come with possibilities, advantages, disadvantages, loss, and gain. When making any choice we look onto all these factors as a way of differentiating each choice. Sometimes we take risks, it is like guessing but at all costs. Once you make a choice there is no looking back and there is no blaming anyone unless it's you.

Nobody is asking you to be careful when choosing, all they want is you to choose something and they to judge you upon that choice. The only people who are going to support you for who you are, will be those standing next to you.

There is a saying, ‘to choose is to find what is not known’. Life wouldn’t be exciting if we got everything we ever wanted, it wouldn’t be "what it is" if there were no choices to make.

Choosing between everything you love is hard, trying to accept what you chose is going to be even harder, but that is what life is all about.

By choosing, you learn, you understand, you prioritize what is important and what is not.

We will all regret our choices, it would be a fool to think otherwise.

But this will help you gain an insight into something you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. "Experience". By choosing you understand, what is both good and bad for you. Let me just give you an example, the one I feel most people face today.

Say you are in your senior year in high school, in a month or two you will be graduating and the next thing you know you are looking for colleges both in and outside your state. Now say you got accepted both in an esteemed university outside the state and in a community college close to your town. Here you have a choice to make, say you’re a person who loves your family and friends more than anything, surely you won’t leave and your choice is naturally the community college. But say otherwise, you love to travel, want to experience the unknown, try out new food and culture so your choice automatically points to the favorable. But it is not that simple. When you choose one, it will always be at the cost of the other. True you can’t always get everything you want. It is hard to choose, but you got to make that choice no matter what.

What if you don’t want to? Is not even a sensible question to ask in the first place. The thing is, no one can tell you or show you the true path to success or immortality. It’s just different for everyone. Some have to make a lot of hard choices before actually tasting true victory. While others have to make a lot of bad ones before realizing the opposite.

Honestly speaking, I have made a ton of stupid choices in my life just to prove a bunch of shitty points, but that made me realize one thing, “We have no one but ourselves to blame”.

If you ever feel lost or confused or powerless, just forget everything for a moment and remind yourself this, "that in the end, it is you and you alone".

Every choice we make is a memory or moment we intentionally create and what follows is its chain reaction.

By Raphael Khaleel


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