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Coming Out Soon!! 'Ek Rupay Ka Idea'

Updated: Aug 9

My first ever online story series coming out. 'Ek Rupay Ka Idea' Part-I on 10th of August 2020 at 10 am Indian local time.

The story is set around a middle-class Indian girl, fresh out of college, unemployed. Her passion for design and business drives her to the idea of a small start-up initiative.

The story, in general, is about the hardships and challenges faced by young and upcoming entrepreneurs in a world full of powerful and wealthy corporate men who motivates and supports nepotism.

It also talks about the competitions and discriminations women face in places where the idea of woman-led independent companies are still a virtual concept.

Again, the idea of such a story is to put light on the fact in general, how young men and women equally face when asked about their experiences while working on their ‘to be successful’ ventures that are purposefully disregarded by authorities who favour the rich and powerful over economic development. It also displays the act of nepotism and its defective sides on a developing economy.

The name and the character sketch of the characters’ that shall be portrayed in the story are given below.

1. Rithika Seghal:

She is the protagonist of this film, in her mid-20s’. Studied abroad at Pratt Institute, New York in product and interior designs. A patriotic woman, and daughter of a retired officer. It was in her father’s best interest that she should do her higher pursuing abroad. A strong-minded woman with compassion toward life and work, but sometimes indecisiveness in relationships. Her creative, bold and self-sufficient nature is the outlining qualities shown in the story other important outlining characters are her soft-heartedness and empathy.

2. Ret. Maj. Ramesh Seghal:

The father of the protagonist, a very harsh, ambitious, self-disciplined and confident man during his youth, but had softened over the years and especially after his wife’s death. A single parent and best friend to Rithika, supportive cheerful man with the only ambition of getting his daughter settled in a well-off society. He is the one person, Rithika shares all her joy and sadness with.

3. Ayush Mishra:

Boyfriend of the protagonist. Their relationship during the key points of the story is seen to be strained by her ambitions and his lack of understanding or adjustment. His character in the story is shown to be that of an opportunistic, conservative and pessimistic.

4. Mr Jain Patel:

The story’s main opposition character. He’s is portrayed as a conservative and corrupted businessman, with power and money. His attitude towards Rithika and her initiatives are shown as hostile and rude. His support for nepotism is shown through various action he commits during the length of the story. Furthermore, his view on developing economy seems to be demotivating.

5. Roshan Khanna:

He is shown to befriend the protagonist at a certain point in the story. A local café owner who turns out to be the son of wealthy hotel magnate in Asia. Roshan believes that hard work, determination and independence are the true success of any person, but it is only an excuse and that he makes, now blinded by the desperation in proving his family wrong and showing them his actual worth.

So this is a brief character sketch on some of the main characters that shall be present in the initial parts of the story. This winds up my post, see you guys on 10th.

NOTE: All your suggestions, queries and comments can be dropped at the contact section. Reply to all your queries will surely be given. Any changes on the date of release will be updated.

Hope you have enjoyed the blog so far.

STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE for more.

By Raphael Khaleel



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