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The Four Elements of life!!

Well, when anyone hears the word element the first thing that comes to their mind is the meaning of the chemical term elements, or the mythological meaning of elements, like the five elements of earth.

Here on the other hand, I am going to talk about something different, these elements on my definition may be what I think clearly defines our life, and these are the very things we lose sight of.

Have you ever heard of the four primary colours? We use these colours to divide teams while playing sports in school, like back in the day, there known by different name in different schools I suppose. Okay, red, blue, green, yellow or otherwise, ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz(which was actually used in my school). Now these are not the four elements, nope. What they stand for is what I propose to be the four elements. You may have some conflicting ideas on the colours and what they stand for but to me I guess this is pretty much accurate.

The four elements are a) desire b) choice c) destiny d) fate. We all have ambitions, dreams, goals and whatever, there is no wrong in imagining, no wrong in wishing and certainly no wrong in dreaming.

So each of us have a desire deep below, desires we like to keep for ourselves, but some of us act upon this desire, may it be good or bad or anything. Here we make what is called a choice, it may be simple or life changing. The choice we make upon this desire is our future. But some people I have to mention never gets the opportunity to choose, these people are either bound by any type of issue, personally or financially. They might’ve had a desire but had to act against it. Now by the desire and choice we make there shall always be a destiny or a destination, a calling it may or may not be our desire. Now the last element that overlooks all of this, or in other words the one element that decides whether or not is fate. Fate is the ultimate say.

Now, when I tell you all this you might think, ‘oh, so in short we have no control over our life, but these four elements does’. I mean not exactly we do have control over our life, but not the journey. I mean, ‘you might command the ship not the ocean’. That is what I meant.

You can work your way through your choices but what is the fun when everything you ever wanted knocks on your doorstep, which is why fate sometimes becomes the bitch. But that is for the better. So ones you control your ship then sailing the ocean is the only problem left or the next adventure you endeavour.

Now, almost forgot about the stones, ok according to me desires are topaz, don’t ask me why but this is like an instinct telling me. Desire is topaz, Choice is emerald, destiny is sapphire, and fate is ruby. I think these four elements are like the primary codes that work around you. I don’t know if there are more. But it is good once in a while to discover new elements and find what it stands for in your life.

So until we meet next time, Godspeed my friend.

By Raphael Khaleel


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