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The Great Unknown!!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Knowing about the unknown had been one of the greatest adventures human beings have ever endured. The excitement and curiosity of discovering something new was always amazing, and above all the future changes any discovery brings is beneficial.

Well, the great unknown is one such thing that like a mystery box with a lot of cool stuff is still being uncovered today. There are still many unanswered question, unproven theories and unimaginable phenomena out in the black. Even after all these advancements, there are still mysteries that are quite unsolvable.

Every day new and exciting discoveries about the universe its celestial objects and stars are being made. But there is lot more to the great unknown than just its mysteries, its known entities such as the Milky Way and solar system amuse people every day.

Universe is something that fascinated us when we were kids and it still does. Millions of people take up star gazing as a hobby, looking up the stars tell us that we as humans are so small compared to the vastness of space. Sometimes that very thought of how big the universe is makes me think that my problems compared are so damn small. It’s like it doesn’t even matter at all.

Now, the one regret most space enthusiast have is the short life span, we know that in our lifetime we may not be able to unlock all the secrets, and in the way future we know that the sun will die and the last light will fade of, universe may too die in that way future. But why worry about it, know that the time you spend now on knowing what is up there is the most amazing one.

There was this one YouTube video by Kurzgesagt which actually made me start thinking about this universe and all its great unknowns. I will leave a link to the video on the blog.

The thick black space with all its tiny twinkling stars make it a brilliant display of light in the night. A Known fact is that, currently the sun is the only star which is closest and biggest to us.

My question to you is, if you ever get the chance to travel space would you take it or just let it slip?

A famous saying from the movie The Aeronauts (2019),

It’s not an opportunity, but an obligation. In this life, few are given the chance to change the world. You’ve been assigned a responsibility. You have to meet it.

(The quote is partially altered).

But I have made my point.

Many brave astronauts have journeyed that great unknown, and some of their legacy are still being said today to children as stories of brave men.

One such brave man said these words when we first landed on the moon

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” –Neil Armstrong (10.56 p.m. ET July 20 1969)

I hope one day we get to know what is beyond that great unknown.

So until we meet next time, Godspeed my friend.

By Raphael Khaleel


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