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The Infinitive Stage!!

Updated: Aug 2

We know how to count, right? When we were kids, our fingers helped us to count till ten, as we grew a lot older we could actually calculate pretty big number in our head. But have you ever counted up to the number infinity.

A popular question asked when we come across the word infinity is, “How many zeroes are there in infinity?” Well funny thing is there are actually about an infinity zeroes, which actually means indefinite. So we can say there are indefinite zeroes.

Well, infinitive on the other hand is something else entirely. Have you ever heard infinitive sentences on grammar? For example ‘He wants to reach the infinitive stage’. Now you understood, right. But we are not going to talk about that.

Now, infinitive stage means a point in life in which you have attained the zenith of something. Meaning you have reached its maximum. Infinitive stage can also means and ideal state. And reaching this state is practically impossible.

If you ask about an ideal state, well a state in which there is zero loss or else no room for errors. In this state everything seems to somehow exist under the balanced laws of nature.

But when we put this theory to test, we find a totally opposite result. There are errors in the experiment, a loss is always expected and this state is known as a real state.

Real states can be achieved, minusing all the hard part, but this won’t be the infinitive stage. Like I said earlier, infinitive is ideal and our lives are just real.

Now, some people might think, ‘well there are these greatest of all times, right’ haven’t they achieved the infinitive stage.

For that I have to say, I don’t really know, see we mention few as the greatest of all time for their work. But sometimes it is just because, we haven’t found anyone else equally capable and talented to compare with.

Take the example of two of the world famous smartphone operating systems, the Android and IOS. Well, we cannot state who the GOAT is, it is because they both are comparable even though they are very much different. There are people who prefer an Android over IOS, vice versa or prefer both.

So by taking that example we can say that sometimes it is hard to physically achieve anything close to an infinitive stage, but it is okay to try. Plus there is no harm in mentioning if some people have just literally achieved the infinitive stage.

It is okay if you can’t solve infinity, after all what is the big deal about it!

So until we meet next time, Godspeed my friend.

By Raphael Khaleel



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