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The Yearly Festivals!!

A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community, and centring on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures. So we know what a festival is, right. We all have took part at least once every year.

Well, the Republic of India has a population of 1.4 billion people, the second-most populous country, and the seventh-largest country by area. A country like that has a much diversified community. So talking about its festivals will be quite a lot. Because of this diversification, India annually celebrates around 90+ festivals both culturally and religiously.

Some of the main celebration in India are, The Independence day (15th August), Republic day (26th January), Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October), and then there are some of the exciting festivals that are celebrated by everyone no matter the religious or cultural background they are from, Holi (9th March) and Diwali (mid-October and mid-November). Fire cracker and colour bombs are something everyone like to play with, but be careful not to hurt yourself or others.

I not just talking about India. Take the world instead, there are more than a 1000+ festivals around the globe, it is like everyday people celebrate something somewhere. Christmas, Eid, New Year are some of the other celebrations that celebrated by millions all over the world

Ancient history shows us that, festivals played a key role in any society. It provides us a message of togetherness and harmonious living. I hope we can live up to it.

There are other festivals like the music festivals, film festivals, Olympics etc. that may not be a part of any cultural or religious gathering but is celebrated collectively by everyone.

We all love to be part of some of these festivals, it was always about the fun and entertainment that came with it that made the entire scenario wholesome. But we shouldn’t just stop at those days, we should always be celebrating like every minute, every day and every second. Because life is worth celebrating for. It is okay to feel bad sometimes, but celebrate the rest.

My favourite festival is the Eid. It’s when I get to meet all my cousins and when I get to taste all the different kinds of food my mom makes on that very special day. I also love to celebrate Onam. What is your favourite festival? Let me know your side of the story.

So until we meet next time, Godspeed my friend.

By Raphael Khaleel


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