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WB.RK #2

Updated: Aug 31, 2020


Log #2



Yesterday was ‘Eid’. One of the two main celebrations my family collectively has every year. It used to be a custom in our family that everyone, no matter where they are or how busy they are, they should come together and celebrate the occasion happily and harmoniously. To do that we have to set our differences apart and have one hearty afternoon meal with biryani and fried tandoori chicken.

For the past few years, things were different, celebrations were isolated. Everyone kept to their family. They would call each other to wish ‘Eid Mubarak’, I guess it’s a good sign, and this year was no different, maybe it’s because of the pandemic. Well, for me it’s less the merrier, you don’t want your relatives to be talking about you and your life, especially the ones that you rarely meet and even those that you have never seen before.

My experience on this year’s celebration was neutral I wasn’t expecting anything exciting, but the one thing I enjoyed was that I had a ton of fun playing ‘COD: mobile’ online with my brothers, which was great. It’s kind of funny how people on these occasions go outside to play, I mean my entire family used to have small picnics to the park or beach after the meal. But look at me and my boys, we are having fun indoors. I mean what an IRONY!

So ‘Eid’ was finally over. It was neutral. My dad always used this phrase after meals. ‘Ahh, one more Eid passed us by’. I guess this is the cliché moment all dads have.

All these celebrations you know actually tells us about the idea of togetherness and harmonious living. I hope one day we could all live up to it.

Now, my next post on ideas, creativity will be an exclusive one ‘The four elements of life’ and ‘The Yearly Festivals’. These are some of the featured posts releasing on the 3rd and 4th of August.

But that’s it for now, hope you have enjoyed it. Love to hear your side of the story. So bye for now and,

STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE for more.

By Raphael Khaleel


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