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WB.RK #4


Log #4



Can 2020 get any worse, Chadwick Boseman dies at 43, RIP sir. C’mon, why is this year so bad? Like if I ever get to write about the experience of all my years in life this would take the spot for the worst. I mean Covid-19, the rising tensions between India and China not to mention the world economic crisis due to the pandemic. To top it all of China has a new virus in its table. I mean, where are we going with all this?

Onam is approaching, one of the major celebrations for Kerala and its Malayalee’s around the world. Everywhere people are getting ready to welcome prosperity and happiness into their houses.

For my family, Onam is the time of the year like Thanksgiving. We make a grand ‘Sadhya’ with around 22 types of curry and 4 types of ‘Payasam’ not to mention the ‘Athapookalam’ and ‘Padakam’. My college on the other hand organized what is called a virtual Onam. We had a scheduled meeting around 2 in the afternoon. It was amazing and our department conducted various virtual events which were also really wonderful. I was actually looking forward to this year’s celebration, you know I had few plans of my own, but what can you say ‘the pandemic just ruined it all, thanks for crashing into the party bro’.

So happy Onam to all the Malayalee’s out there, may you all have a prosperous and wonderful time ahead.

Crazy Rich Asians and Fundamentals of Caring are some ‘must-watch movie’, I am sorry but I only got to watch those movies very recently like yesterday. I liked the way they portrayed the character plus the amount of drama and comedy was also perfectly knitted. The casting was wonderful for both the movies, not to mention Henry Golding as ‘Nick young’ and Constance Wu as ‘Rachel Chu’ were really an amazing on-screen couple for “Crazy Rich Asians”. On the other hand, the cast for “Fundamentals of Caring”, Paul Rudd as “Ben Benjamin”, Craig Roberts as “Trevor” and Selena Gomez as “Dorothy” are really appeasing. Anyone planning to watch something nice over the weekend that is not too cheesy or romantic should really check these movies out. It is also available on Netflix.

As you know ‘Ek Rupay Ka Idea’ has come to an unexpected stop, honestly it is just a writer’s block that I am trying to overcome and hopefully I will. In the meantime, I am working on all sorts of other stories just so that I can be creative with my time. Also Color of Choices is coming out soon. So watch out for that, and don’t miss it.

Check out my other posts. But that’s it for now, hope you have enjoyed it. Love to hear your side of the story. So bye for now and,

STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE for more.

By Raphael Khaleel


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