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What are these different categories?

1. Ideas:

This is a general category, mostly containing small articles written from the perspective view of the writer. Works under these categories are not complete facts and as stated earlier are just the writer’s creative sense.

Any sort of connection, similarity or references to any previously written articles are complete coincidence. Taking in a writer’s complete freedom, I hope you could all enjoy my work.

2. Creativity:

This is a general category or in other words an overall category, most posts in the blog are tagged to this category, but posts categorized under personal social and information will not be tagged here.

As the name suggests, creativity is mostly stuffs that are written from purely the writer’s imagination, decent criticism for such categories are greatly encouraged.

3. Personal:

Under this category comes the writer’s account of his daily life. The contents in this category are of no order and as such will be very random. Sometimes about the writer’s normal life, or else any particular event of the writer’s life that he would like to share.

It may even contain some kind of personal details, which the writer has all rights to claim, and anyone intending to misuse such information have to face terrible consequences.

4. Social:

Like the name suggest, in this category it will be mostly about social updates such as events, upcoming programs, movies etc. and latest trends on fashion and accessories.

Sometimes this category may contain videos from YouTube or any other social media platforms.

5. Storyline:

This is a specialized category apart from the rest above. It is also a sub-category of both creativity and ideas.

Now, this category mostly contain short storylines, plots, excerpts, character sketch etc. There will some other out of category materials which I have purposefully included.

As a disclaimer, any kind of similarity towards anything written is purely coincidental. All the materials in the blogs as said earlier is the writer’s own imagination.

6. Information:

In this category, it is mostly about the latest updates, news and any extra information about the blog, its posts or the writer. Any upcoming events will also be notified and posted under this category.

NOTE: All your suggestions, queries and comments can be dropped at the contact section. Reply to all your queries will surely be given.

I hope I have made all the categories clear and well. This winds up. Hope you have enjoyed the blog so far.

Stay tuned for more.

By Raphael Khaleel


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