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WB.RK #1


Log #1



This is my first log ever, and I don’t know how to write one but here goes.

I think there are two or three kinds of people and according to my concept, the first ones are the ‘doer not thinker’ second ones are ‘thinker not doer’ and third ones are ‘thinker and doer’.

The first type is kind of like human man power, they do not have the idea or any kind of thought process rather they are active and does anything we tell them to do. Second ones are kind of the opposite types they on the other hand are lazy af, but they have this crazy powerful thought process and that there ideas are quiet good only problem is to actually get them to do stuff. Now, the third kind of people are actually quite rare, now these people are the ones you see on television and magazines, and some of these people even own MNCs. There thoughts correlate with their actions and in this way these people actually get a work done.

I am the second type, I am a thinker that is why the name, but not a doer. I appreciate who I am, or maybe it’s just an excuse for being lazy.

Most people I believe come under the first two categories, but I don’t know maybe there are more people who actually belong to the third category. i don't know the statistics.

I love watching movies as do everyone now-a-days because it is the "PANDEMIC". But sometimes some movies stick to you, I mean they kind of make a lot of sense to you and that you somehow could relate.

One such movie I do relate to is ‘All the bright places’ (2020).

People have emotional, and mental sickness, and most time we don’t like to talk about it, if we do we sometimes feel like vulnerable or weak which we don’t like to feel. But that’s okay, we don't have to always pretend we are strong, not everyone is a superman. It’s okay to feel weak, and it’s okay to tell someone how you feel. I mean talking at times can help, you will never know if you haven’t tried once. If you have I don’t know what else can.

I mean there could be a movie you have watched that you can relate to, or maybe there might be a movie you still haven't watched that somehow might find its place in you.

So I hope you get to find that movie, and please do tell me about it.

But that’s it for now, hope you enjoyed. Love to hear your side of the story. So bye for now and,

STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE for more.

By Raphael Khaleel


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