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WONDER BOY: The Beginning (*_*)

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This is to inform you all that this will be my first ever personal log entry on any internet platforms.

I am really sorry for all that formalities (*chuckles). Seriously I don’t have any content idea yet, well I am coming up with a few, but as I am not sure whether it will be a great success or not. But for now I am writing some of my daily dilemma down. Now for a start I will tell you that my personal log entries will be named “Wonder Boy”. And if you ask me why well, I guess it’s kind of my alter ego, which is kind of the whole point of my blog. But I don’t know if the name suits the idea.

So apart from writing all that other weird stuff, I do sometimes write about my personal life which is also kind of a weird thing. Mostly the blogs will be some key moments of my life, my thoughts and then there are some daily dilemma which I am not sure is particularly interesting. Plus the log entries won’t be continuous or chronological.

I am writing the entire log during this covid-19 pandemic, so as you can see I am stuck with my family, and right now in my house, a few key characters are my grandmother, mom and sister. I have cousins and aunt who live a few blocks from my home. So mostly it will be about life with and around them.

My grandmother is an interesting character in this entire log, I will share with you some of her great stories which is kind of a variety from the usual bunch you might here. My sister is out of the picture as she takes less interest in what I do, my mother on the other hand is neutral about all of this. Then I have a brother, who lives with my dad, abroad, they both got stuck in the gulf when the whole pandemic started. So mostly my conversations with them are through facetimes and chats.

Wonder Boy will also be portraying my cousins and aunt which are another interesting main characters other than just my grandmother and mom. We will have all the key events and conversations down on the log.

The log entries will be titled WB.RK#1

which means Wonder Boy. Raphael Khaleel # 1

My blogs will all start in this format


Log# 1


RK, which is the short of Raphael Khaleel, the log entry no. and then the date it was written on.

“But that’s it for now, hope you have enjoyed. Love to hear your side of the story and,” so this will be the ending of all my blogs and I hope it doesn’t annoy you.

I hope you guys could enjoy what I write. So,

Stay tuned and stay safe for more.

By Raphael Khaleel


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